Sellers, pay a low total commission and get more out of your investment when listing with Reali. Experience selling with Reali. Here.

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The formula for buying or selling a home just got a whole lot simpler.
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Currently servicing Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, CA

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Use the Reali app to search available listings in our service areas. View enhanced home details and schedule on-demand showings.


The ability to make an offer directly from the Reali app combined with a more open bidding process ensures seamless communication, optimal information gathering and transparency.

Cash Back

Buyers represented by Reali receive a full cash back refund of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically between 2% and 3%), minus our $2,950 administrative fee, at close of Escrow. This may result in many thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

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Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you purchased your dream home on your terms. Reali.

Reali Calculated

Reali’s app and Experts deliver superior service, data and guidance for a significantly lower commission than the traditional real estate model. These savings are passed directly to Buyers. Use the sliding calculator below to see just how much you can save when buying a home with us.

Your Home 1700000
$500,000 $10,000,000

Your Savings $39550

Buyers represented by Reali receive a full cash back refund of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically between 2% and 3%), minus our $2,950 administrative fee, at close of escrow*. Use it for your mortgage, upgrades or cash in your pocket.
* Calculations include the deduction of our administrative fee.

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Reali Different
Non-Reali Reali
Our 4% total commission means a higher profit for Sellers. Get more out of the investment you’ve worked so hard to earn.
Low Commission + More Service = Real Estate Done Right
Tap the “Expert” icon on the Reali app to connect with a live Reali Expert. Get instant access to property details, sales history, neighborhood comps and more.
Really Experienced + Really Available = Real Estate Done Right
Schedule a fully-immersive, information-packed tour at your convenience. Reali App beacons are strategically placed throughout Reali homes to call out key features as you experience them.
More Availability - High Pressure = Real Estate Done Right
Use the Reali app to search the bidding history on any Reali-listed home. Know what you’re up against so you can push the limits or walk away.
Open Bidding Process - Mystery = Real Estate Done Right
Reali guarantees that you are fully-satisfied. We blend real estate expertise, in-depth data and innovative technology to ensure a smooth transaction.
Full Service + Fully Backed = Real Estate Done Right
The only app that takes Buyers, from curiosity about a house to close of sale. Available through the App Store. Android OS coming soon.
Mobile Accessibility + Innovative Technology = Real Estate Done Right

Step into the Reali Demo House

Turn the knob and open the door to a whole new real estate experience. Download the Reali iPhone app to take a tour of our exclusive Demo House, and see for yourself how we are re-inventing the real estate process for Buyers and Sellers.

  • Schedule a visit at your convenience
  • Experience innovative Bluetooth beacon technology that highlights property details in real time
  • Chat live with a Reali Expert as you tour the demo home
Questions about Reali or our app? Call us at 1-844-Hi-Reali or email us.