Sellers, pay a low total commission and get more out of your investment when listing with Reali. Experience selling with Reali. Here.

Real Estate Done Right
The formula for buying or selling a home just got a whole lot simpler.

Reali Different

4%Our 4% total commission means a higher profit for Sellers. Get more out of the investment you’ve worked so hard to earn, when listing with Reali.
Lower Total Commissions
Typically 5-6%Higher commissions mean less money in your pocket at the end of the deal.
Market LeadingWhen listing with Reali, we provide you with professional marketing support, advice and materials that present your home in the absolute best light.
Comprehensive Marketing
Often LackingTraditional real estate marketing often consists of cookie-cutter materials and lackluster presentations.
8am-8pmYour Reali Expert provides instant access to property details, bid history, qualified leads and Seller workflows.
Expert Advice
Hit or missTraditional agents are not always available when you need them.
Not a problemBuyers can schedule an immersive tour at their convenience. Reali app beacons are placed throughout your home to call out key features.
On-Demand Open Houses
Not NecessarilyOften when Buyers view a home, they can feel rushed and may miss these key features.
Fully-BackedReali guarantees that you are fully-satisfied. We blend real estate expertise, in-depth data and innovative technology to ensure a smooth transaction.
Service Warranty
MysteriousSometimes you’re not quite sure who has your back.
InnovativeFeatures and technology that make it easier than ever for Buyers to find, experience and purchase your home.
True Companion App
InconsistentHit or miss experience, that may not provide the most relevant benefits.
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Reali Demo House

Visit our Demo House – Download the Reali App and schedule a time to check out our Demo House to see how our innovative technology works to sell your home. Keyless entry (selected Reali properties) enables easy, on-demand access. Strategically-placed Reali info beacons alert potential Buyers to key home features through their mobile devices in real time. Sellers can use this data to know exactly which features are in-demand.

Demo House Demo House
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Our Experts are just that: proven real estate professionals with vast knowledge about the real estate market and how to sell your property. Your personal Reali Expert will be on call to answer any questions, from 8am-8pm, seven days a week.

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